Pursuing Your Passion

What are you PASSIONATE about? What are you doing EVERYDAY to pursue it? What is getting in the way of pursing them?

If you answered anyone or anything else other than YOU, you are not being honest with me, or with yourself. If other people’s opinions and approval are that important to you, you simply aren’t committed to the pursuit of your passions.

When we allow our ego and our fear of rejection control our actions, we are giving up control of our future. When we stop dedicating our energy to our own dreams and desires, we begin to settle.

We agree to a life of mediocrity.

When we allow our ego to get out of control, our mind begins to create chaos because it’s trying to validate the irrational feelings our ego is producing. Then those feelings become irrational thoughts and actions.

“Oh, I’m not good enough for that.”

“I’m too old for that now.”

“I need to be realistic.”

“Maybe someday I’ll give it a try.”

Sound familiar?

Life is too short to settle for mediocrity! And remember, failure is a normal part of life and growth, and is a crucial step to your success so don’t let it deter you from your path. You will never lose the best opportunities to get the second best; the best is yet to come!

Why have you kept yourself from pursuing your passions? What have you allowed to get in your way? Are you ready to take the next step and claim your happiness, success and bliss?

Good… me too.

What are you great at? What has always been effortless for you? What are you doing when you feel the most confident?

The answers to these questions are most likely the things you need in your life to find your bliss and pursue your passions. When we are confident, we are empowered; when we are empowered we excel!

What have you always dreamed about? The bigger dreams you have the better- I’m pretty sure the majority of you weren’t dreaming of sitting in a cubicle staring at a screen when you were in the third grade.

So, what is it? Running your own company? Owning a sports team? Being an artist? A lawyer? A writer? Traveling the world and helping change lives? Whatever it is, WRITE IT DOWN! Give yourself a visual, tangible thing you can see, read and feel- and start to believe you deserve it. Manifest it!

My mother was a nurse all my life while growing up. She was very good at it, had (and still has) an incredible work ethic, and has some amazing stories to tell from her experiences. But she wasn’t PASSIONATE about it after a while. When my brother and I moved out of the house, she decided she needed to go back to school because she’s always wanted to be an attorney. After years of studying, dedication and hard work, she recieved her Juris Doctor and became an attorney in her fifties! It is never too late to pursue your passions and fulfill your dreams!

We’ve talked about what you’re great at, what makes you feel empowered, and what you’ve always dreamed of. What’s the common theme? What keeps popping up again and again? When you have some quiet time to yourself, or when you meditate, where does your mind wander off to?

I bet it’s the same thing! So… now what?

Learn, study, emulate and ACT! What don’t you know about your passion? (A lot I’m sure, because no matter what there is always plenty to learn!) who do you know that has found success doing it? Who’s writing blogs about it? Who is teaching about it online? What do they do that you can emulate? What do they do that you can make your own?

These steps are the foundation of finding your own path to your success.

Now… take action! Practice in private, work with people who are already finding their success in it, and believe that you are already making it happen! Visualize it, feel it, taste it, KNOW it!

When I meditate I visualize being on a stage in front of thousands speaking from my heart and helping change lives. I see it happening; I can feel the heat from the stage lights, see the cell phone screens in the crowd as people are typing notes; I can hear the music that is playing before and after I’m on the stage. It is already REAL to me!

And while you’re taking action, find accountability. Find some people in your life that will support and encourage you, and will make sure that you keep moving forward.

Next, identify your fear and learn from it. You cannot ignore the fear; if you act like it doesn’t exist, it will eventually consume you. It will cause the same chaos and turmoil as the ego does as mentioned above.

You have to acknowledge the fear and understand it so that you can move past it! You’ve heard it said before, everything you’ve been dreaming of is waiting for you on the other side of fear.

I remember conquering a major fear in my Tough Mudder experiences. The first one I ever ran, I struggled on all the extreme jumps from high places. And waiting in line and watching people freak out and give up played tricks with me ego and confidence. I made it through all of them which I was quite proud of, but let the anxiety take away some of the joy from the experience. My second time running it, I remember waiting in line and feeling the same anxiety as I had to jump off a platform 3 stories high, grab a T bar and swing out to hit a bell before falling into a muddy man made lake. As it came to be my turn, I remember telling myself, “NO MORE! Stop being anxious and just JUMP!”

And I did.

No hesitation, just pure adrenaline and all heart; and that single experience seriously changed the way I look at fear and stress. I will not allow anything to steal my joy ever again!

After we’ve taken action and identified our fears, the next step is to integrate it into our daily lives. Make the time for it and grow! “I don’t have the time” is the most overused excuse in the book. If it is important to you, you will MAKE the time. If I told you that after 6 months of practicing your craft 2 hours a day that I’d give you 5 million dollars, I’d bet you’d be an EXPERT in 6 months. The same motivation and effort you’d put forth to get that money is the same motivation and effort that your dreams and passions deserve.

We are so conditioned to get stuck in the monotony of life- but if your passions are worth it to you, you will get up early and stay up late. You’ll work on your own dreams on your lunch break and stop watching 2 hours of Everyone Loves Raymond every night so you can dedicate real time to YOU. You’ll do whatever it takes when you decide to commit yourself to your greater purpose!

We aren’t on this earth to wake up, get a coffee, work our workday, come home to eat dinner, watch television and go to bed- and to do it over and over again… your dreams are waiting for you.

You owe it to yourself to find your bliss!

“Purpose is the reason you journey, passion is the fire that lights your way!”



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