Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time there was a King who lived in a castle; but he didn’t always understand his royalty and didn’t feel like he deserved to be held up on a pedastool.

He was taught early on that service to others assumed that making other people happy came before his own. Selflessness was the intended lesson; but it evolved into so much more than that because he believed that it was wrong to put self love before all. Taking care of himself was never a priority, and he found his joy and happiness in taking care of everyone else.

He didn’t realize that if he was too busy pleasing everyone, that he wasn’t being true to himself.

The King’s parents were so loving; they gave everything they could to make the King into the man he was intended to be. But it wasn’t actually what they said or did; the King learned most from their actions. His parents operated out of passion and love, their work ethic created a fire within their son. And although they gave too hard out of obligation sometimes, they eventually learned how to truly take care of themselves which in hindsight was the most powerful lesson of all.

Early in his life, the King left the castle for 10 years to explore life on his own. Before he left, he lived a very safe life; protected from the outside world under the umbrella of the kingdom. He had a girlfriend which he adored, but she didn’t join him on this journey. His leaving the kingdom was his journey to walk- all his own, and it turned out to be one of the best things that ever happened to him. He saw how the world really was; the good, bad and ugly. He learned how to build authentic relationships with people who had no clue who he was; he was able to open his heart and share his soul freely. He experienced love and heartbreak; success and failure.

The most important thing was that he learned his own personal strength; no more did he rely on his family, the church, or the kingdom to lift him up in the tough times.

The King relied solely on himself.

That personal strength turned into a passion for helping others do the same; and soon he was helping youth and troubled children find strength and power in themselves that they never knew existed. The King healed even more as he helped others heal; he developed a strong desire to empower others. He found tremendous success and began to grow into the person he was destined to be.

Of course, like most young men, the King got distracted by worldly things and left working with the children and youth to chase money. The new focus was fun and exciting, but never fulfilling. Prioritizing his health and happiness no longer mattered, and the King began to gain weight, lose self esteem, and allow others opinions to control how he lived his life. And although he left his true passion to chase money, he all of the sudden never seemed to have enough.

Like many people, he accepted his new life and “made the best of it”. He settled for mediocrity and completely forgot the greatness that was inside him.

His entire life, the King needs BIG things to get his attention, and the biggest change of his life was sparked by a medical crisis; the King broke his back. His workaholic life and mediocre existence came to a crashing halt the day he laid on the floor unable to move his legs.

After a month of agonizing pain, an 8 hour surgery and 8 months of rehabilitation; the King knew what he had to do to rebuild his life; he had to return to the Kingdom.

He really enjoyed the potential of being back home, and had all these amazing plans and goals rumbling inside his head and spirit. He began to work again, and the workaholic habits started to return, and he got distracted from those goals and plans, and soon lived in the monotony of the past 10 years all over again.

One day, he reunited with his girlfriend; the girl that he originally thought would be his Queen. Out of familiarity and comfort, they rekindled their love and quickly fell into their new life together. They married, and had the privilege of parenting and loving 2 princes and 1 princess. From outward appearances, their story of lost love reuniting was a picture perfect fairy tale- but the magic and bliss that the leads should feel in a fairy tale was missing. The King and who he believed with his whole heart was his Queen, were simply going through the motions.

The King did his very best to love and provide for his family, which caused him to not be home with them much. The distance between he and his wife grew more and more through the years; and one day the King’s world was completely devastated. He found out that his love, the supposed Queen, decided to bed with a pauper and began living out an affair while still living with the King.

“This isn’t how royalty should live. This isn’t how anyone should live”, thought the King. All of the sudden he felt completely alone; just him and his children, and they had to start all over again.

The King moved out of the supposed castle. No one full of love and joy can reside in a place he was betrayed; so the King build a new castle. One built out of love and passion, one filled with peace and love. He and the younger prince and princess began to thrive in their new castle, and slowly- through many hard feelings and self imposed purgatory; the King began to remember his worth.

The plans and goals that the King had when he returned to the Kingdom began coming back to the forefront of his mind. A friend asked him, “When were you the most happiest and productive in your life?” The King said, “That’s easy- it’s when I helped the kids and helped other people change their lives.” “Well”, his friend responded, “that is what you need to do.”

So the King rededicated his life to his passion, and his passion quickly became his mission. His life began to change dramatically, and with his whole heart began his journey to empower others and find their worth. And he is now able to do it better than ever because of his journey through the dark times, his inner strength and his renewed dedication for loving himself first.

That same friend that gave him the wonderful advice offered to meet the King on a trip; before life really took off and to celebrate the excitement of moving upward and onward. The King and his friend met in a magical place, and within 2 days they both realized that the magic wasn’t because of where they were, it was because they were together. Their souls began to intertwine, they lifted each other up to a new level of love and light, and they fell madly and passionately in love.

The King finally met his true Queen!

The King returned to the new castle that was filled with such peace, love and joy- and knew just one thing was missing, his Queen. Within a few months, the Queen moved in to the castle; and the royal family is together. Bloodlines don’t matter: love and energy does and this royal family is truly meant to be.

The King began to thrive, his passions for helping people and building others up were supported and encouraged by the Queen; and for the first time in the King’s life, he began to understand his royalty and the power and responsibilities that come with it. He is connected on a spiritual level to his Queen, and together they are helping each other vibrate higher and are now beginning to change the world!

The future is bright for the King, and he is tremendously blessed for the journey he has been on. If he hasn’t left the Kingdom; he never would have become the man he is today. If he hadn’t of been hurt and broken, he wouldn’t of learned how to build himself back up. And if he wouldn’t have gone through the tremendous heartbreak, he would never be able to appreciate the real love that he has now.

Forever and always, blessed beyond measure, and eternally grateful.


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