Hello, 2018!

As the clock is winding down, and we are officially bidding 2017 goodbye, DON’T dwell on the negative things that happened this past year!

I know, it’s easy to do- because we preface it with “The new year is going to be so much better because….”, and then you remember and relive all the negative experiences- which starts the year in a negative mindset.

Knock that shit off.

Look, we all have sob stories; we’ve all had bad things happen to us. Guess what? We are BETTER because of them. We are STRONGER because of them.

THANK GOD for the broken heart, disappointment and failures of 2017; because they sparked in me a fire that NO ONE can and will extinguish. They created in me an indomitable spirit to chase after my dreams, listen to my heart, and find real, authentic love, passion and BLISS.

I am now doing things that I have been dreaming of doing for 20 years; I am now living a fairy tale love story with my twin flame, my soul mate, my precious love, Gia. I have found a new joy and zest for life that I didn’t even know existed before 2017.

And you know what? People always say, “I wish I could be happy like you.” And my response is ALWAYS the same; YOU CAN. But you have to choose it, you have to want it, and you have to face all the pain, frustration and heal from the brokenness before you find it.

Allow yourself to heal, allow your heart and intuition to guide you, and know that YOU ARE WORTHY of more than you are dreaming you are capable of!

2016 was when the pot really started to stir for so many of us; and 2017 was full of lessons and transitions. If you paid attention and learned what you were supposed to, 2018 is a year of growth, fruition and abundance!

Friends, you only have ONE life to live; ONE shot at finding pure joy and fulfilling the passions of your heart. Are you going to spend another year playing the victim and allowing situations to control you? Or will you take destiny into your own hands, realize that you ARE worth it, you DO deserve it, and NOTHING will stand in your way?

The time is NOW! 2018 will be EPIC… and I’ll see you at the top!

Sending so much love to you; have a magical night and may you be surrounded by peace, comfort, love and joy!

Love to you all!

Brian, Gia, Abby and Zachariah




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