It’s not about the national anthem… 

It’s not about the national anthem, people. 
It’s not about Trump. The NFL. Kneeling. Patriotism. 
The real reason for this all has NOTHING to do with why this all started. 
Part of our issue in this country is that we take 15% of the perceived truth, and become a keyboard warrior on social media and blindly pick a side- and contribute to the us vs. them mentality. 
Knock that shit off. 
Know what you believe- whole heartedly- and take the time to UNDERSTAND the issues. 
This all started because of the inequality in this country. Colin Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem last year to bring attention to the mistreatment of minorities and wrongdoings that are constantly overlooked and swept under the rug. 
If you don’t think that inequality and mistreatment of minorities is a thing in America- you are part of the problem. 
So now we have NFL players and whole teams that have chosen to not stand during the anthem this season after statements made by President Donald J. Trump this past week. The tweet that started this all off states, “If a player wants the privilege of making millions of dollars in the NFL, or other leagues, he or she should not be allowed to disrespect our Great American flag (or country) and should stand for the national anthem. If not, YOU’RE FIRED. Find something else to do.” 
And this is where if you don’t understand what’s really happening, you get fired up because of the “unpatriotic over paid babies”. 
They are not kneeling because they are unpatriotic- they are kneeling to bring attention to the inequality in our country, and they are voicing the blatant disregard of the real issues from the President. 
And they have every right to. These issues have to be talked about, dealt with, discussed and corrected if we want to keep moving forward in this country. 
The media drives up their ratings, viewership, social media engagement and advertising dollars by making it Trump vs. the NFL, the right vs. the left, Democrats vs. Republicans, white vs. black, rich vs. poor. US vs. THEM. 
After all, the more we label people, the easier it is to divide us all, huh? 
An older white man walked into my AT&T store today while we were super busy. The only sales rep available at the time was Vicki, who happens to be Muslim. She is arguably the best rep in our district, and is loved by all of her customers. She asked him if she could help him, and he said “no”, and walked right up to my manager Ryan, who happens to be a white man. The customer asked some questions, and wanted to buy a phone. Ryan said, “no problem, Vicki can help you.” “No she can’t”, he scoffed. “I want to work with.. a man”. Then he looked around the sales floor and looked at Marquell, a great rep who happens to be a black man. “I’m just going to order online”, he said and walked out. 
Ryan and I, the white guys, couldn’t help him- so no one could. 
Racists with a superiority complex are empowered by Trump’s abrasiveness and narcissistic behaviors. They feel it gives them power to do whatever they want to people that they don’t agree with or like- because that is how Trump is perceived due to his actions, remarks, statements and tweets. 
This is not okay. 
We all deserve better, and until we start to acknowledge the REAL issues instead of just jumping on the most convenient bandwagon we will be in this downward spiral that is slowly leading us to civil war. 
I implore all of you to take all the energy you are pouring into your posts, rants and tweets and put it into making an ACTUAL difference. Get involved in your communities. Talk to people that are different then you. Approach EVERYONE with love, an open mind and a caring heart. 
We can’t change the President. We can’t change the NFL, the media, the minds of loudmouths that stir the pot on Facebook. 
But we CAN change ourselves and how we treat and love all lives- and THAT my friends, will change the world. 
#NFL #Trump #blacklivesmatter #alllivesmatter #stopthehate #stoplabeling #stopdividing #change #vibratehigher #loveMORE #beMORE #doMORE


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