In The Middle 

In the middle. I think that’s where I am. 

Sometimes I feel so close to happiness and fulfillment; only to feel alone and depressed five minutes later. I know the road to success, but I procrastinate to the point of insanity. 

I know what I need to do, but what I choose to do it too often the opposite. I know what I should do, but I WANT MORE. 

That more turns into the same monotony of years and habits before. Life has to be a vicious cycle of stunning setbacks and turbulent triumphs. 

How much am I willing to give in order to get what I want? When will my dreams and desires overpower my comfort zones? What has to occur in order for me to release my potential? That seems simple. I have to want it more then others want me to fail. What I want is more important then what people think, and others’ demeaning opinions should only be motivation for me to pursue my destiny. 

My mask proves this true, but my inner self believes and fails because of my reaction to other people’s negativity. Who are they to stand in the way of my victories? More importantly, who am I to let others tell me what I can and can’t accomplish? 

I am in control of my destiny, and whatever I can conceive and believe, I am certain to achieve. 


6 thoughts on “In The Middle 

  1. 1) who is in your way? I’ve been following you on Facebook and you always talk about these people who say you can’t do it or want you to fail?. Why are they still in your life?
    2) why is this white text on red background? Hard to read


    1. Thank you for the feedback Amy! This was written 16 years ago- the negative folks aren’t in my life and aren’t welcomed anymore.
      I was playing with the colors and never changed it back. Thank you for the reminder to fix that! ☺️


  2. Words spoken so true. Which many of of us can relate. You are a huge inspiration and it’s beautiful souls such as yourself who help inspire, encourage & lift people such as myself who struggle from time to time with moving forward at times. Thank you for sharing your beautiful words of wisdom 🤗. ~Peace, Love & Light


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