This past week’s journey… 

I never really go through a major experience without doing some major reflection on my life, actions and future. 
One of the biggest things I was thinking throughout my stay in the hospital is, “Thank God I am as healthy as I am.” I can’t imagine how much worse this all would have been if I would have led the life I used to. I got countless compliments and positive feedback from the entire medical staff about my health; many said they aren’t used to seeing it. What if I wasn’t healthy? I can’t even fathom the answer to that if the infection would have hit my bloodstream. 

Which got me thinking- there is a mindset, and a cycle of sickness. As I rolled through the halls in a wheelchair, speaking with other patients and hearing them speak to the nursing staff- there was SO MUCH hopelessness. Whether you have a cold, or a severe infection, or any medical condition, you have to WANT to get better, and BELIEVE that you will. There are so many people I heard say, “Well, it’s just the way it is.” 

HELL NO. It’s not the way it is, and it’s not how life is supposed to be led. 

I understand there are terminal diseases, and I understand there are monumental diagnoses to battle; but I’ve never met anyone that thrived and beat their illness with a bad attitude. 


If that attitude persists, so does illness. It may go from one ailment to another, but if there isn’t consistent work to improve and a belief that you’re going to beat it, it’s simply not going to happen. 
The other blaring truth that I realized is that we are all inundated with TOO MUCH. It seems that no matter where I go and who I talk to, everyone has SO much on their plate and they are just barely holding on. 

And I’m not just talking about at work, I’m talking about LIFE. Family, home, finances, careers, jobs, kids, budgets, etc…. How much can we keep piling on ourselves before we completely break? “Not much more” is the answer that too many of us would answer. 
So I have challenged myself, and I challenge you, to take a step back and prioritize. Focus on what you need to, love your tribe with your entire heart and don’t take them for granted. Stop filling your life with clutter and fluff in an attempt to feel good, make sure others like you or to try and impress the people you THINK care about you. 

If it’s not important to you, let it go. If it doesn’t make you or your family better, say goodbye. Take care of EVERY ASPECT of your health- body, mind and spirit. 
Love yourself, and stop being afraid to pursue your passions with all you’ve got. 
You’re one severe infection away from not being able to do it. 
#beMORE #doMORE #loveMORE 


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